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If Your Baby Is Crying For No Reason, Take Off Their Socks And Look At Their Toes

First-time parents can find it an nearly impossible task to quell the screams and cries from their newborn babies.

Because babies can’t adequately communicate their needs and wants to their parents, most caregivers are forced to try out every method in the book until they can find a way to calm them down. While in most cases all the child requires is to be fed or have their dirty diaper changed, this bizarre phenomenon is something every parent should watch out for. This mysterious ailment could be hidden in your kiddo’s socks.

You know that seam on the inside of socks? Sometimes, excess thread is left hanging, which can wrap around babies’ toes, creating what are called “hair tourniquets.”

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If that happens, the threads can cut off blood flow and circulation to their tiny toes.

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