This Dad Just Turned A Small Spare Room Into His Kid’s Dream Space

Whenever I went to McDonald’s as a little girl, I always ran straight to the play place.

My mom practically had to force me out of there when it was time to go home. I remember dreaming that I could have my own personal play area. Of course, it was just wishful thinking, but had I known that it actually was possible to have one, I would have mercilessly begged my parents to build it for me.

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Redditor MadManAndrew must have been persuaded by his four-year-old son, because when his cousin moved out and he found himself with a spare room, he transformed it into a complete fantasy land for kids. If your little ones (or you) love slides, you have to check this out.

He wasn’t sure what to do with this room, so he decided to turn in into something special for his son.

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The builder got started right away by screwing wood beams to the walls.

Then he bolted in edge beams where the slide and climbing wall would go.

Next came the joists — he screwed them into both of the beams to make them nice and sturdy.

After securing a few boards to the top, he attached wiring to the underside for the lights.

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Then he covered the wires with drywall.

The fun part finally came when he assembled this awesome INDOOR slide.

It needed a mount, so he nailed wood planks into the beam and bolted them to the ceiling before attaching the slide.

To keep his kid from falling out, he put in a railing with wood planks and tested the fit of the slide — it was perfect!

This area would be right above his son’s bed, so he painted it a dark navy to look like the night sky.

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Then he primed the walls and stained all the wood with three coats of finish.

And as if he wasn’t amazing enough, the dad mounted a TV right above where the bed would go.

He thought his son would love a nautical theme, so he painted the walls with blue stripes.

Then he added new carpeting to the floor.

The last big part to tackle was the climbing wall — after screwing a frame together, he attached wood slats to it.

He screwed on a bunch of different-colored rock grabs for the grips.

And no nautical room is complete without a ship, so Dad bought this adorable bed.

This is seriously the coolest kid’s room I’ve ever seen.

I don’t care that I’m a fully-grown adult. I need this in my life.

Thanks to his awesome dad, MadManAndrew’s son can now do this (and more) in his own room. If you’re dying to replicate this amazing creation like I am, you can find the full instructions here.

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